A Dancer Dies Twice®

In 2015 I was looking for an 'unused' title for a book & film idea.

I came across a magazine article in 2015 about ballet dancers, & my imagination sparked a brilliant idea for a book title.

My first instinct was to search Google, Amazon, the entire world web because I didn't want to copy someone else's idea, I wanted a fresh new title never used before, I wanted to be original, I wanted to be a respected author with imagination, not a writer who copies another author's book title.


I found a gap in the market!


No one was using the unknown saying

'a dancer dies twice' in any format whatsoever, & my book title

'A Dancer Dies Twice' was born.

I'm proud to be the first original founder of 'A Dancer Dies Twice®' now a legal registered Trademark for a series of books

It was a genius brainstorming day when I created 'A Dancer Dies Twice' for a book & film idea.

Since that day I've been a 'popular topic of conversation' in newspaper & magazine articles across the globe, film students, fan-fiction writers, the musings of a ballet dancer, the BBC radio, I've inspired YouTube, writers using 'similar' sounding titles & so many other's using 'A Dancer Dies Twice' to market & advertise a project or business enterprise, all using my book title 'A Dancer Dies Twice'

To add injury to insult, a Graphic Art student from the states has designed a book cover using my legal trademark

'A Dancer Dies Twice', & as we received no reply from the student, we contacted the 'Art College' instead.

We recently received a reply from the Art College where the student studies, & the reply we received was positive, & the Art College agreed that the Trademark Infringement should be removed as they take intellectual property rights seriously, & they will address this with the student, & they will work with the student to remove the infringement from the student's social media pages.

I am flattered by the attention, the phenomenon that was inspired by my brilliant creative imagination, but many are copying my creative ideas, so I have this to say to you:

"Your creative imagination is only as good as the one's you copy, so don't be known as a copycat, be original, I would never copy anyone, I'm too honest, I respect copyright laws & trademark laws, where is your respect for me & if someone copied your ideas, how would you feel?"

'A Dancer Dies Twice' was an unknown saying by a modern American dancer called Martha Graham with no connection to the ballet industry, it was an unknown, unused saying with no interest to anyone, until only after I started using it for a book & film idea.

All of a sudden, everyone is interested in the great 'Martha Graham' & the 'Ballet' but instead of using the title, 'The Great Martha Graham' or 'The Great Ballet', everyone wants to use

'A Dancer Dies Twice' when referring to 'Martha Graham' or 'The Ballet', no one was even interested in the 'Martha Graham's saying 'a dancer dies twice',


Until that is, my website, until that is, my books, until that is, my film idea!


My theory has to do with the fact that 'A Dancer Dies Twice®' is now a famous book title (coming out soon!) created by the author Rosanna, & 'some people' (like YouTube) will find any excuse to jump on the bandwagon to increase their own 'popularity'


I won another victory, Amazon removed a Trademark Infringement made by YouTube, from one of their 'auto-generated' channels, using our 'Mark' 'A Dancer Dies Twice' on Amazon, to profit from.

Thank you Amazon, or was this the result of my letters to YouTube's Head Office I wonder?

In the past, I have won other Trademark & Copyright Infringement, for legal purposes I have chosen not to publish names.

Back to my books, over the last 5 years, my life has been busy & hectic, I'm working on getting my books published as soon as possible.

The trademark was for 2 purposes, to stop people copying my ideas which started soon after my published online copyright notice & to allow me the space to finish my manuscript without rushing to publish my books.

So, if you see someone using my book title

'A Dancer Dies Twice®' they copied the idea from the author's website.

Rosanna, the author of 'A Dancer Dies Twice®' was the first original creative writer to use the 'unknown' saying for a series of books & film, & anyone using the title copied the author.

They did not copy, Martha Graham, let's get that point straight here! If those individuals were so interested in Martha Graham or indeed the ballet, why not use Martha Graham's name or the Ballet, (instead of my book title), a title I've been using since 2015, the 'first to use' & the most copied author in history!

To put the record straight, there has never been any dispute about this, ever, not even in my Trademark Application where an opponent has time to object a Trademark application.

The only experience I've had over the years is 'jealous competition & rivalry', & if people are envious they didn't think of the idea first, it shows I'm doing something right.

So, watch this space.......!

Most people respect Trademark® & Copyright© laws but some individuals don't & this statement was written for those very people.

Those that do, I thank you, I love you, & I wish you every success!

Rosanna x

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