'A Dancer Dies Twice' is a romance thriller, an obsessive love-affair ruined by blind jealousy, and overwhelming grief.


Angelina D'Amore, a prodigy ballerina, loses her twin brother, Sebastian.
Lost to her grief and inconsolable, Angelina leaves the ballet industry, hiding away in a quiet sea-side hamlet village, in the southwest coast of Italy, living with her grandfather.
She meets, Ghost, a man destined to save her from ruin, and she falls madly in love with him.
Ghost, disappears without a word, sending Angelina spiraling into a dark place, and she struggles to find any understanding in life, and she soon sinks into depression.
Her dying grandfather is her last hope, and he forces her to fight her demons, and she moves back home to England, to start over.
My poems are inspired by the story from my book, retold. The music too!
More to come!

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