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Like all writers, I feel passionate about writing, the love affair of falling in love with my story & the characters.

I started writing 'A Dancer Dies Twice' in 2015, an idea for a romance novel.

At the time, no one was using the title in any format, this included book, film, radio documentary, writer, author, scriptwriter, TV, absolutely no one was using it.

It was a saying by a modern American Dancer called Martha Graham, 1894 - 1991.

(see 'legal notice' on my website for more information).

While I was working on my

manuscript in 2016, I decided to look into how I could best protect my work, to stop potential copyright infringement.


To my frustration, copyright seemed (in theory), to protect my manuscript, but surprisingly, not in practice. 

Copyright has a flaw, it doesn't stop an individual from using your title.

In 2016 I submitted my first draft manuscript to publishers & literary agents for feedback. Submissions I still have today.


This all adds to my evidence that my title

'A DANCER DIES TWICE', originated with me. At least it does when it comes to a book & film idea.


Anyone using my film & book title copied the original idea from my website, or from my published online copyright certificate posted online in 2016.

In 2017, I created a website using the domain name 'A DANCER DIES TWICE', my author's website.


It exposed me to jealous rivals both in the UK & abroad, & my title & creative book idea was copied from my website.

After consulting copyright solicitors, it became necessary to register my creative ideas, including book title 'A Dancer Dies Twice', under Trademark laws, a practice also used by other authors like J.K Rowling, for Harry Potter.


My Trademark is registered in the following categories:

Class 16: Books, magazines, printed materials, manuscripts, a series of books.

Class 35: Advertising, marketing, provision of business information for enterprises in the field of social media, provision of business information for enterprises via a website.

Class 41: Film and TV production, arranging and conducting events, training & education, conducting of film festivals.

Please go to:



I feel a sense of betrayal because even though I legally registered my book & film title under Trademark law in 2018 to stop copyright infringement, people still think they have a right to violate my legal rights.

See legal notice. More to come in the copyright & trademark pages.

All writers will tell you the same thing, published & unpublished,  of the blood, sweat & tears us writers struggle with to finish writing a book, or scriptwriting that seems to never end.


Not to mention the creative ideas, character & world-building, editing each chapter until your eyes waters & blurs on the page.


The days we feel like giving up, of battling with our insecurities, and the days we vow to never give up, no matter the odds.

Apart from writing, we have lives, family, work, it all gets in the way of writing, & it feels like you'll never finish that book.

Anyone using my book & film title

'A Dancer Dies Twice'

is in breach of both copyright & Trademark infringement laws.

This includes unauthorised facebook, twitter, wattpad, youtube films, documentaries, all talent websites, & which prohibits the use of my trademark book title.


Do the decent thing, don't celebrate and reap rewards from other authors, don't be known as the copycat writer, be original instead.

I haven't copied anyone, I was just the first writer who came up with an original title for a book & film idea.


'A Dancer Dies Twice' was an unknown saying, a saying I made famous!


​​​​Rosanna, author of ​'A DANCER DIES TWICE'










©2017 by A Dancer Dies Twice®

Registered Trademark

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