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My story


The title 'A Dancer Dies Twice' was inspired by tragic events in my own life.



I started writing a tale of grief & jealousy, of dying & surviving, & using fictional characters to retell that story.

I never thought in a million years anyone would be interested in anything I was writing or creating.

  Little did I know that my title, & my website, would not only generate a lot of interest, but jealous rivals too, including the BBC.

I never started writing for fame, it wasn't even for money, it was born from an ambition to write a book.

Now a registered legal Trademark, I own all exclusive rights to the title: 'A Dancer Dies Twice®'

At the time I was writing my manuscript, no one was using the title in any format, this included fiction books, biography, film, radio documentary, writers published & unpublished, scriptwriters,T.V, dancers, theatre etc etc.


​​It was an unknown saying by a modern American Dancer called Martha Graham, (1894 - 1991).

(see 'legal notice' on my website for more information).

In 2016 I decided to send out draft copies of my manuscript to publishers and literary agents for feedback.


Submissions I still have today.


It was at this stage I decided to look into how I could best protect my work to stop potential copyright infringement.


Keeping evidence is essential to all writers with a unique story and book title, it proves the original idea was created by the author.

Believe me when I say this, you cannot trust anyone!

In 2017, I created a website using the domain name 'A DANCER DIES TWICE',

my author's website.

My website was created for the sole purpose of my authors website, but it exposed me to jealous rivals.


Copyright solicitors adviced me to protect my creative ideas including book title under legal Trademark laws. 

A practice also used by other authors like

J.K Rowling, for Harry Potter.

Even before my original film and book idea was registered as a Trademark, University students in England, (UK), copied ideas from my website, including my storyline, and book title.

To add insult to injury, the students opened a website using the same domain name, but it was removed & closed down under copyright infringement laws.

During this time my application was already in process with the IPO

(Intellectual Property Office).


Anyone using my film & book title copied the original idea from my website, or from my published online copyright certificate posted online in 2016.

My legal trademark'A Dancer Dies Twice'

is registered in the following categories:

Class 16: Books, magazines, printed materials, manuscripts, a series of books.

Class 35: Advertising, marketing, provision of business information for enterprises in the field of social media, provision of business information for enterprises via a website.

Class 41: Film and TV production, arranging and conducting events, training & education, conducting of film festivals.

Please go to:



All writers will tell you, published & unpublished, of the blood, sweat & tears us writers struggle with to finish a book, or scriptwriting that never seems to end.


It takes a lot of imagination to create fictional characters to love & hate,

page-turning storylines,

world-building that takes you on a journey, interesting plots you never saw coming.



Editing each chapter takes forever, a process that never ends!


There are days we feel like giving up, of battling with our insecurities.


And then there are days we vow to never give up, no matter the odds.

Apart from writing, life gets in the way, family, work, and it feels like arthritis will set in before we reach the end of that novel.

Is it no wonder then, why I'm going to defend what was my creative idea in the first place!

Anyone using my book & film title

'A Dancer Dies Twice'

is in breach of both copyright & Trademark infringement laws.

Where is the creative originality in copying a writers' ideas?

Please do the decent thing, don't celebrate and reap rewards from other authors, don't be known as the copycat writer.


Instead, be original & think outside the box!

I haven't copied anyone, I was just the first writer who came up with an original title for a book & film idea.


'A Dancer Dies Twice' was an unknown saying.

A saying, I made famous!


The first, original ​​​​Author of  ​'A DANCER DIES TWICE'





Rosanna x

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