"I am Spartacus, no I am Spartacus!"

I feel I have to use this phrase, because, everyone wants to be

'A Dancer Dies Twice', but this phenomenon, only started after it was first published online for copyright purposes for a book title. 

Until then, no one was interested in this unknown saying, and no one was using it. 

Copyright is automatic, it does not need to be registered, so don't confuse copyright with Trademark. 

'A Dancer Dies Twice' was a title created for a manuscript I was writing in 2015, where the idea was founded for a book title.

In 2016 I published an online copyright certificate with an online copyright service, until Solicitors informed me that this was not necessary by law because Copyright is automatic and does not need to be registered.

In 2017, I opened my author's website, using the domain name

'A Dancer Dies Twice'. 

My twitter account was opened in 2018.

'A Dancer Dies Twice' was then registered as a Trademark in 2018 due to copyright infringement by some individuals.

My online Trademark link can be found in my 'Trademark' and 'Legal Notice' page.

©2015 by A Dancer Dies Twice®

ADDT Films Registered Trademark