Poets Corner - Ghost
A gentle whisper,
on the wind,
dewdrops glistening,
on a sea of sunbeams,
you sit here with me,
its peaceful here,
don't you agree,
nothing more,
than birds galore,
a fresh breeze,
to waken thee,
a morning bird,
to catch a worm,
a childs glee,
to climb a tree,
there is nowhere,
I wish to be,




my heart to heal,
the wound,
deeper still,
a woe of dreams,
unsettle me,
but never learning,
its cold today,
but I don't care,
you're not here,
to say,
take care,


​Speak to me,
brother dear,
I'm listening,
your voice,
I crave to hear,


dusk is near,
the sun departing,
horizons closing in,
your ghost,



Rosanna x

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