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In my 'many' Trademark infringement complaints to YouTube, I asked them to remove my Trademark from one of their auto-generated videos, & the reply that came back was a robotic response to ALL of my complaints:


"As a courtesy we have considered your claim, but do not find grounds to take action. The content you claimed is uploaded on an auto-generated topic channel.  YouTube has auto-generated channels of trending and popular videos that are created by algorithms. On these channels, you'll see a notice in the "About" section that YouTube auto-generated them"

This is NOT a denial of Trademark Infringement! Rather a lame excuse that a robot at YouTube was responsible.

Firstly, there is no truth that 'A Dancer Dies Twice' is a popular topic, & as the legal Trademark owner I reserve the rights how it gets used, & I object to YouTube using it for the purpose of auto-generated videos.

It is a lame excuse to accuse a robot at YouTube, so I put it to YouTube if the robot was also responsible for downloading the track with my Trademark name on Amazon too, but there was NO reply.

​​When I asked for a name, job title, the legal position & qualifications of the person who replied, there was NO reply.

I also asked this unknown person at YouTube, (who could be the cleaner), to provide me with legal information as to which Trademark Law they were referring to that allowed them to use my Trademark name for the purpose of 'auto-generated' video, again there was NO reply!

I also asked this unknown robot to provide me with the details of who downloaded the same track onto Amazon for profit gains using my Trademark Name for illegal purposes (without my consent) again there was NO reply!


YouTube are avid supporters of Trademark Infringement, (apparently!) So I'm wondering why, even after they supported a previous case of Trademark Infringement, they would use my Trademark name without my permission & then use it on Amazon to profit?

It begs the question if YouTube is running into financial difficulties, & need to use other people's Trademarks to advertise & market themselves on Amazon in the desperate hope to make money?


YouTube, you will go down in history as the worst company to ever exist, & be known for your unimaginative way, of making a profit from other people's Trademarks.

And, YouTube, you're imagination is only as good as the ones you copy!




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