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It may be necessary to protect the author's Twitter account; this is not in any way to stop people from following the author, rather to stop social media websites like from setting up a profile page without the author's permission or consent. currently, do not have a filter, or any kind of setting to block sensitive content, this is a serious issue has, and this needs to be addressed by has a link to personalise profile pages on their website, however, they endorse fees to do this, and cannot be done without payment to


No one should be forced into paying a fee to have a say in what should be advertised on their profile page created by, especially when do not ask permission, or consent from the author, and displays sensitive content, which is strictly forbidden by the author.


The author has strict rules and guidelines about sensitive content, and does not follow Twitter accounts with sensitive content, and blocks all Twitter accounts of this nature.


The only way the author can stop sensitive content being displayed on is to stop from marketing the author's profile, which does not strictly comply with the authors code of conduct, and at the moment the only way the author can do this is to set Twitter on private setting.


If the author's Twitter account is set on private, please make a request to follow the author on Twitter, this will be reviewed by the author for sensitive content, and permission will be given via the author, for anyone wishing to follow the author on Twitter, under the code of conduct by the author.


No sensitive content is permitted to be used on Twitter as a follower, and if found to be in breach of this rule, will be blocked.




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