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Angelina D'Amore, prodigy ballet dancer, has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity,

to dance at

The Royal Opera House in London, Covent Garden.


Her dreams come true when she's offered the leading role in the ballet Manon.


Opening night is a great success, but disaster strikes, & the bright lights of stardom is short-lived, & it all ends.


Angelina's beloved twin brother Sebastian, dies under mysterious circumstances.


Devastated by his death, Angelina struggles to cope, & her dreams of becoming Prima Ballerina, fades into a distant memory.

Grief-stricken, Angelina quits the ballet industry, disappearing from everyone & everything, leaving England for a quiet life in a sleepy hamlet sea-side village in the South-West Coast of Italy.
Haunted by the memory of her twin brother's death & a past long gone, Angelina falls apart, sinking deep into a dark place.
Lost to her grief, Angelina starts drinking, she's on the road to self-destruction, until she meets Ghost, a young man destined to save her from the dark oblivion of her grief.
One day, quite unexpected, Ghost strangely disappears, & is never seen again!
Broken-hearted & inconsolable, Angelina falls deep into depression.

Forced into making a promise to her dying grandfather, Angelina returns home to England, to start over, to fight her demons.

Changing her name to Elizabeth De Luca, & living estranged from her family, she moves to Yorkshire to study a PhD degree in Human Osteoarchaeology, but like a dark oppressive cloud, her life is masked by the torment of overwhelming grief.
Elizabeth was assigned two roles by the University, to investigate disturbed graves by workmen at Towton Hall in Yorkshire, the remains of soldiers who fought & died in the Battle of Towton 1461, & to warmly welcome a highly regarded, Harvard University Professor, flying over from Boston Massachusetts, USA.

What she didn't expect to find,was her past-life coming back to haunt her!

Or the man who broke her heart,
almost ten years ago!

He's back to ruin her......... for good this time!

'A Dancer Dies Twice' is a Registered Trademark, all exclusive rights includes books & film rights, are owned by the author, Rosanna.
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