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Twitter, where do I start?

It has its pros & cons.

It started off as okay, I met some really nice people, writers in the #WritingCommunity.

At the beginning, there was a lot of support, but this changed in recent events, and my experience on Twitter has been more about people using & competing with each other, rather than supporting each other.

Twitter has been a platform of abuse, cyberbullying, porn, & I'm not there to experience any of that.


What does Twitter do about it?




'Twitter' owns another website called TWIPU (a sister company to Twitter) where they allow porn to be published alongside your twitter account, but no one seems to care, why?

I raised this issue by tweeting it on Twitter but no one seemed interested that porn was being publicly displayed alongside their Twitter accounts on a Twitter sister website called TWIPU, rather, they were more concerned about how many followers they have.

Stars, both actors & authors have spoken in recent events about hateful abuse, using Twitter as the platform of that hate.

I haven't experienced hate, or cyberbullying, but there has been a lot of rivalry & jealousy.

Here's something to inspire you, Kate Morton, bestselling author, doesn't even have a Twitter account.

I only opened mine due to copyright & trademark infringement.


So, now, I'm traveling the path less traveled.

I'm spending less time on Twitter.

If you're a writer, then why are you spending so much time on Twitter, why aren't you writing instead?

Even if you finished you're book & its published, then get started on your next book, instead of spending so much time on Twitter.

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