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Interviews with my Characters

So what's your name, & in brief words, tell me a bit about yourself?

Image by Joel Wyncott

Hi there,

I'm Mason Sinclair,

a musician.

I hide a dark secret.

The Music Man

Young man jumping high on isolated white

Sebastian D'Amore, I''m shy,

but that's what people want to see.

Ballet Dancer

Female gymnast dances in cloud of white

My name is

Angelina D'Amore,

I'm many shades of light,

& dark.

Prodigy Ballet Dancer

Handsome businessman under an umbrella,

Professor Sinclair, to my students.

Ghost, in some circles.

What's with all the questions,


University Lecturer

Close up on beautiful woman profile..jpg

I'm Elizabeth De Luca,

a PhD degree student.

Professor Sinclair makes me nervous.

Don't tell him I said that!

Human Osteoarchaeologist


Ethan Sinclair,

I'm a perfectionist,

with flaws.

Principal Ballet Dancer

mystical dance with lights. psychology o

Romeo D'Amore,

my sister Angelina, inspired me to dance.

Ballet Dancer

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