Interviews with my Characters

So what's your name, & in brief words, tell me a bit about yourself?

Hi there,

I'm Mason Sinclair,

a musician.

I hide a dark secret.

The Music Man

Sebastian D'Amore, I''m shy,

but that's what people want to see.

Ballet Dancer

My name is

Angelina D'Amore,

I'm many shades of light,

& dark.

Prodigy Ballet Dancer

Professor Sinclair, to my students.

Ghost, in some circles.

What's with all the questions,


University Lecturer

I'm Elizabeth De Luca,

a PhD degree student.

Professor Sinclair makes me nervous.

Don't tell him I said that!

Human Osteoarchaeologist

Ethan Sinclair,

I'm a perfectionist,

with flaws.

Principal Ballet Dancer

Romeo D'Amore,

my sister Angelina, inspired me to dance.

Ballet Dancer

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