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'A Dancer Dies Twice'
is a legal Registered Trademark
links to the Intellectual Property Office
can be found here:

Legal Notice - Please Read!
Trademark Laws allows a writer/author to legally trademark book titles for a series of books, please DO NOT confuse this with copyright laws.
It is also very important, that you DO NOT read online newspaper or magazine articles with misleading, confusing information about Trademark laws, instead, ALWAYS, speak to a Trademark Solicitor or Copyright Solicitor for advice.
A 'series of books' can be registered under Trademark laws if the title is unique enough & if 'unused' in any prior published work (like mine), and anyone using the same title for any written work is in breach of Trademark laws.
'A Dancer Dies Twice' has never, ever, been used in any prior published or unpublished work by a writer or author, this was checked and verified by a legal governing body, the Intellectual Property Office'
There is a period of 2-3 months for anyone to object a Trademark application, in my case, there was no objection & the application was successful.
'a dancer dies twice' was a unknown saying by a modern American dancer, Martha Graham: 11 May 1894 - 1 April 1991 with no links to ballet, which was later used in the 'ballet industry',& Martha Graham did not publish any work using the saying 'a dancer dies twice', it was unknown to the world, until I came up with an idea to use it as my book & film title.
Now a legally owned Trademark, 'A Dancer Dies Twice' was registered in the following categories:

Class 16: Books, magazines, printed materials, manuscripts,

series of books.

Class 35: Advertising, marketing, provision of business information for enterprises in the field of social media, provision of business information for enterprises via a website.

Class 41: Film and TV production, arranging and conducting events, training and education, conducting of film festivals.

Please do not write to me at my registered trademark address, all contact correspondent should be sent to my email address:

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