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I'm at my happiest,

when I'm writing,

I don't feel so lost,

or chained by my fears,

my voice echoes,

& is heard,

by mountain climbers,

as they strive,

to reach the top,

the deep sea divers,

listening to the sound,

of a dolphin's cry,

I'm in the rushing wind,

as skydivers' fight with gravity,

my voice is the candle-light,

in the dark,

lost souls searching,

for redemption,

my voice is heard,

amongst the crowd,

not drowned out,

by the noise,

time stops,

& in that moment,

I am at peace,

with the world,

I am found,

when I feel so lost.

Rosanna x


Author of

A  Dancer  Dies  Twice®

Feel the fear,

           & do it anyway

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