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About me


Qualifying with a BA in Business Economics, I started off in banking where I worked as a senior bank clerk in charge of both a sterling and foreign exchange counters, and the banks safe, millions passed my hands, it's a big responsibility being a bank clerk, so don't underestimate a banker. Other work experience, Human Resources, and I.T education.


And now I'm writing a fiction romance suspense series, 'A Dancer Dies Twice', a series of books. The idea was born from my love of the performing arts, dance, theatre, acting, and history, so I came up with a way I could write a fiction book combining both of my love for the arts and history.

The idea for the title 'A Dancer Dies Twice' came from a newspaper article I was reading in 2015 about ballet dancers, and the very last paragraph mentioned that the ballet industry has a saying, 'a dancer dies twice'.

I had this light bulb moment, my characters came to life in a way I could never imagine, I was so excited, not only was the saying never used before in any previous published books, dancer, ballet or otherwise, in a biography, no one in the film industry, documentary, or by any theatre company, it was an unknown saying.

Perfect for a writer looking to find her way in a competitive market, I found a title never used before, something new, something different, a title that embodied and mirrored my old soul and storyline.

Problem was, as soon as my author's website went live in 2017, jealous rivals started copying my creative ideas, and I didn't even think anyone was interested in anything I was doing, but I was wrong.

Heartbroken by the very idea of losing my book title to a rival, I had to act, and quickly.

My ambition and passion drove me to the only solution, Trademark.

'A Dancer Dies Twice' is now a registered Trademark, exclusive to the author, Rosanna.

Now, everyone wants to know when will my book be published?

Soon, I hope, although, I'm behind on my writing, my life over the last few years, has been hectic to say the least, a house move, then renovations, and even though the dust has settled, there's still plenty of work to finish.


And I want my book to be written well, not rushed, and research takes a long time, editing even longer. 

Watch this space though, things change all the time!


Rosanna x

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