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A Dancer Dies Twice®

We have made important changes to our Trademark

Below is a link to The Patent Office, IPO (Intellectual Property Office) where you can find our registered Mark
A DANCER DIES TWICE, including the new changes.

The previous Trademark we registered in 2018 is still a live & active registered mark. 

Our new legal Trademark A DANCER DIES TWICE registered with the IPO in 2021 just means we now have more legal rights which includes things like motion picture, film rights, the music industry & more as seen in Class 9, changes have been made to Class 16 printed material to include things like fiction & non-fiction, book covers & more, changes have been made to Class 35 Advertising, & Class 41 film festivals, motion picture, music & more.

Please see below for more details.

These changes were made to give us greater legal protection against Trademark Infringement by various different individuals & organisations who continue to infringe on our Trademark & Copyrights.


List of Goods & Services

Class 9

Recorded film;Cinematographical films;Video films;Recorded films;Cinematographic films;Downloadable films;Film developers;Film reproducing apparatus;Pre-recorded films;Motion picture films;Film production apparatus;Pre-recorded cinematographic films;Movie film developing machines;Cinematographic film, exposed;Film (Cinematographic -), exposed;Exposed cinematographic films;Films, exposed;Musical cassettes;Music cassettes;Music software;Music tapes;Musical recordings;Music recordings;Digital music players;Juke boxes, musical;Music-composition software;Musical video recordings;Downloadable music files;Portable music players;Prerecorded music videos;Musical sound recordings;Downloadable digital music;Prerecorded music audio tapes;Prerecorded non-musical videotapes;Optical discs featuring music;Prerecorded music compact discs;Chips containing musical recordings;Website development software;Software for designing online advertising on websites;Computer software for creating dynamic websites;Software for renting advertising space on websites;Software for embedding online advertising on websites;Digital music downloadable provided from MP3 internet websites;Computer software for use in creating and designing websites;USB web keys for automatically launching pre-programmed website URLs;Motion pictures;Motion picture screens;Motion picture cameras;Prerecorded motion picture videos;Prerecorded motion picture films;Pre-recorded motion picture films;Motion-picture cameras for self-developing film;Photographic cameras for the instant production of pictures;Computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures;Film screens;Photographic film [exposed];Film recording apparatus;Film developing apparatus.

Class 16

Books;Song books;Book covers;Story books;Educational books;Index books;Manuscript books;Fiction books;Printed books;Writing books;Information books;Fantasy books;Covers for books;Printed art reproductions;Series of fiction books;Series of non-fiction books;Series of computer game hint books;Children's books;Copy books;Book markers;Poster books;Reference books;Resource books;Music books;Book marks;Printed training materials;Printed promotional material;Printed educational materials;Printed correspondence course materials;Prints;Printed programmes;Printed music;Printed matter;Forms, printed;Printed forms;Photographic prints;Printing paper;Printing papers;Printed publications;Publications (Printed -);Printed newsletters;Printed booklets;Printed tickets;Printed awards;Printed certificates;Printing characters;Printed visuals;Printed leaflets;Printed advertisements;Printed manuals.

Class 35

Film directing of advertising films;Cinematographic film advertising;Advertising for motion picture films;Production of advertising films;Product sampling.

Class 41

Film rental;Film distribution;Film production;Film editing;Film production, other than advertising films;Film and video tape film production;Film directing, other than advertising films;Presentation of films;Entertainment by film;Film editing (Cinematographic -);Performance of films;Film production services;Production of films;Showing of films;Production (Videotape film -);Cinematographic film showings;Cinematographic film studio services;Production of training films;Exhibition of video films;Rental of cinematographic films;Production of television films;Shows and films production;Production of video films;Production of film studies;Production of cinematographic films;Exhibition of cine films;Film showings;Production of films, other than advertising films;Film editing (Photographic -);Rental of films;Video film production;Videotape film production;Motion picture production;Motion picture theaters;Motion picture rental;Motion picture studio services;Rental of motion pictures;Motion picture film production;Motion picture-rental services;Motion picture song production;Leasing of motion pictures;Motion pictures (Rental of -);Motion picture (Rental of -);Production of motion pictures;Leasing of motion picture projectors;Production of animated motion pictures;Leasing of motion picture cameras;Rental of motion picture films;Production of motion picture films;Rental of video tapes and motion pictures;Rental of cinematographic and motion picture films;Rental of motion pictures and of sound recordings;Rental of motion picture and television scenery;Showing of cinematographic and motion picture films;Entertainment services in the form of motion pictures;Services in the production of animated motion picture entertainment;Services in the production of animated motion pictures and television features;Providing on-line non-downloadable pictures;Editing of printed matter containing pictures, other than for advertising purposes;On-line library services, namely, providing electronic library services which feature newspapers, magazines, photographs and pictures via an on-line computer network;Video tape film production;Production of cinema films;Cine-films (Production of -);Production of cine-films;Film production for educational purposes;Video and DVD film production;Production of films in studios;Film production for entertainment purposes;Television, radio and film production;Production of films for entertainment purposes;Production of pre-recorded video films;Consultancy on film and music production;Production of animated cine-film clips;Production of pre-recorded cinema films;DVD and CD-ROM film production;Production of special effects for films;Special effects (Production of -) for films;Services for production of cine-films;Production of television and cinema films;Production of sporting events for film;Production of graphical cine-film clips;Services for the production of cine-films;Facilities for the production of films (Provision of -);Film studios;Film hire;Services for the production of entertainment in the form of film;Music production;Leasing of films;Video production;Theatre productions;Television production;Film studio services;Hire of films;Publication of printed matter relating to intellectual property rights;Providing entertainment information via a website;Providing video entertainment via a website;Providing multi-media entertainment via a website;Providing digital music [not downloadable] from MP3 internet websites;Providing entertainment in the nature of film clips via a website.

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