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Registered trademark symbol as a wax sea

Original book/film title 


A Dancer DiesTwice®

A Dancer Dies Twice was Founded in 2015


It all started right here!


A Dancer Dies Twice® is a legally owned world-wide registered trademark, exclusive to the author, Rosanna.

So what does this mean?


The author Rosanna, now owns exclusive rights to the name & title 'A Dancer Dies Twice®' in Class 9 to include Motion Picture, film & movie rights, music production & more, Class 16 to include printed material, Books fiction & non-fiction & more, Class 35 Advertising & Class 41 film & music & much more, & anyone using the same title is in breach of Trademark Infringement.


Please visit the following links for more information regarding our mark:


Founded in 2015, the author, Rosanna, fiction romance author of 'A Dancer Dies Twice®', founded the first original website, book title idea, manuscript, and film idea, and if it doesn't have the official registered trademark symbol ®, it’s not original.


So, beware of fake twitter accounts, wattpad accounts, facebook accounts, Instagram, fake websites & job posts, using my book title

'A Dancer Dies Twice'


If you're not sure what's genuine, please email me at:


'A Dancer Dies Twice®' is a fiction romance, and the author Rosanna, is the original genuine founder and creator of a website called 'A Dancer Dies Twice®, a legal registered trademark, and anyone using the same title in any format, copied original ideas from the author's website, this includes facebook, twitter, instagram, and any other social media website.


Anyone claiming any social media website using the name 'A Dancer Dies Twice' is in breach of copyright & trademark infringement, a violation of the author's legal rights, as the original and genuine author of 'A Dancer Dies Twice®'


So, if it doesn't have the registered trademark after the title,

'A Dancer Dies Twice®' it's not original!





Looking for creative ideas for a new gripping romance, I came across an article dated 5 June 2015 in the Telegraph (online), please go to link:


It wasn't until I reached the last paragraph, that caught my writers imagination, and it reads as follows:


'However, he concedes that’s a brief moment. The average retirement age for ballet dancers is considered to be in their mid-thirties - an event so traumatic there is an industry saying that,

“A dancer dies twice.”


My imagination went wild with creative ideas, I found the new angle I was looking for, my characters came to life in ways I could never imagine, breathing and living people in my head, my heart and my soul, their voices echoing louder and louder, dancing and leaping in the air, and my original idea for a fiction romance for my book title 'A Dancer Dies Twice' was born.


I was working on my manuscript years before this article, my story is not based on anything written in this article, the characters are completely fictional, the story telling completely from my own imagination, and it became a story close to my heart, the blood pumping in my veins, the marrow in my bones, every fiber in my body, writing with passion, and feeling, things that will make you cry, and laugh, anger, bullies, jealous rivals, disappointments, overwhelming grief.


But the important factor here is when I decided on my book title 'A DANCER DIES TWICE', I immediately searched online to see if the title was already being used by another author, because any reputable author would check first, I would never want to be known as a copycat author, and there was NO book title, film, TV documentary, life biography by a ballet dancer, not even a newspaper article, or magazine, or radio station like the BBC, nothing in the media to suggest that someone else was using the title 'A DANCER DIES TWICE' in any format!


I spotted a gap in the market, and in August 2016 I decided to protect my book title, and then to protect my website ideas.


Copyright Solicitors informed me however, that an authors creative ideas is protected automatically by copyright, and there was no need to register my creative ideas, book title, manuscript or website, because copyright is automatic, saying that however, Solicitors also said that it doesn't hurt in any way, because it adds to my evidence when proving who the first original author is of 'A Dancer Dies Twice', a title no one has used before.


Full details of how an author’s work is protected by copyright can be found at the following links:


Unfortunately, it hasn't stop jealous rivals from challenging me, and trying to copy my creative ideas from my website.

A team of students from the University of Hertfordshire in England, tried to copy my creative ideas, (taken from my website), including my book title, story line ideas, character ideas, to make a short film, using the same ideas of grief and jealousy, and dance videos to tell a story, all ideas stolen from my website for a University project.


If this wasn't bad enough, the students opened a facebook account, twitter & instagram page, even though my website was up and running long before any social media pages, created by the students.


Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.


Not only is this copyright infringement, but its morally wrong, and you would think that the University would take 'Plagiarism' seriously.


If you want to use someone's creative ideas, don't steal, have the decency to ask, or better still, come up with your own original ideas!


The problem with society is that there are young, jealous, ambitious people with no moral scruples, or original creative ideas, and more recently copycat websites.


Apparently, the University of Hertfordshire are under the misconception that because there is no official copyright registration office in the UK, that it's fair game to steal an authors creative ideas.


And because of jealous rivals and ruthless people stealing my ideas, I've had to take further legal steps to stop copyright infringement, to protect my authors website, book title, film rights, and my creative thoughts and ideas, and 'A Dancer Dies Twice' is now a registered trademark, exclusive to the author, Rosanna.


If another author wrote a novel called: Games of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, for example of some very popular authors, with a very similar story line and the same title, where is the originality in that? And do you honesty think the authors of those titles would be happy about it?


Then please tell me, why would I be happy about the fact that a student would decide to call her film 'A Dancer Dies Twice', copying my story line ideas of jealousy and grief, character ideas, and then use dance videos to tell a story, when the original idea was mine in the first place, and I can prove it?


I would never write a novel copying anyone's idea, I would never use the same title another author has already used, I would want to be known as original, creative and honest, respecting the work of another author.


For example, I love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, but I would never attempt to re-write it, and then use the same title.


It is a very sad day for any author in the same position who has worked hard on their manuscript for years, to find out that someone has no moral standards for another author's work.


My romance novel is a fictional story about two ballet dancers, (identical twin siblings), profoundly affected by grief and jealousy, and a tragic love story.


I was the first person who came up with this idea, to use this saying as a book title for my fiction romance book, ' A DANCER DIES TWICE'


And it 's just a saying in the ballet industry, like 'Break a Leg!', is a saying in the actors industry.


Apparently, it is a saying that originated from an American modern dancer and choreographer called Martha Graham, (May 11, 1894 – April 1, 1991). Martha Graham wasn't a classical ballet dancer, her style, the Graham technique, reshaped American dance, and is still taught worldwide, but there are major differences between Graham and ballet techniques.

And until my website went live in 2017, the saying wasn't even on the map, and no one seemed interested in the saying until I decided to use it as my website idea, book title & film idea, and suddenly, it exploded like fireworks, and people started copying me.


This does not in any way take away my rights of copyright infringement, and every step I have taken has been with legal advice from Copyright solicitors and Trademark solicitors, this includes my book title, website, and how to protect my legal rights from copycats stealing my creative ideas.


I have limited video blogs, giving very little away in my story line, as this has exposed me to jealous rivalry, and people using my creative ideas for a film, and writers copying my ideas for a book.


J K Rowling, author of 'Harry Potter' was a victim of copyright infringement, and sir James Dyson OM CBE FRS FREng (born 2 May 1947) is a British inventor, industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company. He is best known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, which works on the principle of cyclonic separation, and I mention him because he had his invention stolen by a company rival.


And from now on I will keep everything hush hush!


The book cover was created by a brilliant Russian photographer, Alexander Yakovlev, owned by The Mirages License Agreement, and a paid signed license was agreed between the photographer and myself in August 2016, to use his photographic image for a book cover.


This was supposed to be a positive experience, and I am determined to keep it that way, regardless of how I feel about the copyright infringement, I want good energy in my life, and not negative energy weighing me down.


Not only will it become a very stressful and negative experience in my life, it will take away the enjoyment and passion for writing if I allow this to affect me.


A warning to all new writers out there, keep your manuscript under lock and key!





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