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there's no sense,
in giving up,
even when,
you think I'm dead,
Look for me
in winds blowing strong,
where my spirit lives on,
in a million voices,
calling your name,
Look for me,
chasing storms,
dreams with no end,
when will this burning ache end,
the blazing glory,
Look for me
rocks gather in my chest, no winter abode,
to rest my bones,
can they not see,
I'm sitting here,
hearts & eyes,
lost to me,
what can they fear?
is it no wonder,
my silent screams,
deaf to the ears,
hopeless tears,
betray me not,
hands are empty,
don't you see?
I'm here you say,
blinded by the light,
can't see the way,
where you once stood,
with open arms,
hearts & mind,
torn apart,
& gone away,
to seek higher goals, ambitions to achieve,
& leave in the shadow, friends we once were,
no more,
dear friend,
of yesterday,

Rosanna x

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